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Guide to Building with Serverless AWS

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This guide gives the best overview of all the most popular serverless AWS services so anyone can start building quickly. I discuss the ins and outs of services like Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, and many others that we can harness to create wonderful applications in the cloud all without needing to provision and manage servers. Engineers working on data analytics, web applications, microservices, and other such workloads will benefit from understanding the set of serverless options available to rapidly create and deploy applications.

When I first started learning how to manage infrastructure in AWS, I was overwhelmed with the number of services offered. It can sometimes be difficult to cut through the noise and find the services best suited for a particular need. After a year of learning, I finally started feeling comfortable with the offerings and my understanding of them. Since then I have managed multiple production workloads ranging from data analytics to microservices. I have developed and maintained CI/CD pipelines with various technologies including AWS services I talk about in this guide. While most of my experience has been with serverless technologies, there are workloads I have developed based on more traditional infrastructure. All of this is to say that I have experience not only with serverless AWS services, but with more traditional services as well, and the range of workloads I have operated on varies greatly. It has been a long road since I started working with AWS. This guide is meant to boil down my experience and get anyone up to speed to start building workloads quickly.

This guide highlights services that I have experience using. There are mentions of other services that might be worth looking into that I do not go into depth about on purpose. I have done my best to point out and include AWS best practices but I like to let my own opinions on integrations and configuration shine through. Letting my opinionated stances be heard is where the value of this guide truly lies. Only through years of experience have I come to understand the nuances of AWS and these particular services, and my goal is to share that experience with others.


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Serverless
  3. Introduction to the Cloud and AWS
  4. CloudFormation
  5. IAM
  6. VPC
  7. Lambda
    1. High-Performance Computing Features
    2. Pricing
    3. Developing With Lambda
    4. Integrations
  8. API Gateway
    1. API Gateway Building Blocks
    2. API Gateway Endpoint Types
    3. API Keys
    4. Lambda Authorizers
    5. API Gateway Service Proxy Integrations
    6. Pricing
  9. DynamoDB
    1. NoSQL
    2. Partition Keys, Attributes, and Scans
    3. Sort Keys and Queries
    4. Global Secondary Indexes and Data Duplication
    5. Global Tables
    6. DynamoDB Streams
    7. Integrations
  10. S3
    1. Versioning
    2. Hosting Websites
    3. Data Analytics
    4. Final S3 Remarks
  11. CloudWatch
    1. Logs
    2. Metrics
    3. Alarms
    4. X-Ray
    5. Integrations
  12. Intermission
  13. CloudFront
  14. Route 53
  15. SNS
  16. SQS
  17. Kinesis
  18. Developer Tools Family
  19. Serverless Containers
  20. My Building Blocks


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You'll get an overview of when and how to use key AWS serverless technologies.

110 pages
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Guide to Building with Serverless AWS

3 ratings
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